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'I consulted Katarina Smith as I was suffering from chronic neck pain that was producing constant headaches. Having never visited an osteopath before, I wasn't sure what to expect, but within two sessions I am delighted to say that the pain has subsided, and I'm back to full health. Miss Smith is very approachable and is able to make you feel at ease quickly, and I would thoroughly recommend her.'

N. R. (aged 47) 


'Katarina was very helpful , and always explained my treatment to me clearly in a way that I understood. My back pain is now under control and I can get on with my life again.'


C.I. (aged 51)

'I have found Kat's treatments very thorough. She is very professional in her approach, assessing each session with what is needed. She is interested, interacts with you, and will give you advice as to follow-up exercises you can do yourself.

I enjoy my sports massage treatments and would highly recommend her to anyone.'  

L. B. (aged 59)

'I have been treated by Ed for a few months, and I would definitely recommend him. He provides gentle, effective and thorough treaments, which help keep me in great condition. He also takes the time to educate me about the best exercises to do, to keep me supple and to prevent my specific issues coming back.'​


N. F. (aged 48) 

'The treatment was without a doubt the best I have received after 5 years of struggling with neck and shoulder issues. I was finally getting the treatment and advice I needed that I was unable to find elsewhere, I would recommend Katarina for any issues. She was extremely helpful in providing personalised exercise routines to help control my condition when I was unable to make a treatment session and that helped me tremendously. I can't say thank you enough!.'​


G. S. (aged 30) 

First time visiting Katarina and had been suffering from a bad back for a good while. I was extremely impressed with her compassion and genuine concern about my pain. After only one session I felt so much better and will be following up for more treatment in the future, I cannot recommend Katarina enough and thank you so much for all you have done so far.


P. K. (aged 49) 

I saw Katarina just twice with a knee problem and received excellent care and treatment. She was so pleasant and kind. Along with treatment she gave me sound advice on follow on, easy exercises and self care at home. I am delighted to have found her practice right on my doorstep and will be recommending her to anyone I meet who needs help and treatment.


G. G. 

I've had physiotherapy and experience of chiropractors in the past, which I found a waste of time and unhelpful at best, and damaging at worst. At Exmoor Osteopathy I have had the pleasure and privilege of being treated by both Kat and Ed on different occasions; what a difference to my past experience. In both instances the treatments have been effective and successful, in treating both the pain and the conditions causing it. I cannot recommend Exmoor Osteopathy highly enough and I wouldn't even think of going anywhere else; In my experience the results speak for themselves and in addition it is a pleasure to be attended to by such warm and understanding people, committed to getting the best for their customers. To be free of pain and to regain movement and vitality is priceless and genuinely life-enhancing.