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In need of an osteopathic treatment or a sports massage?

With the ability to treat people of all ages, for a variety of different problems, each treatment is tailored to meet the needs of individual patients. 

Exmoor Osteopathy

Exmoor Osteopathy aims to provide patients with quality healthcare, combining techniques and exercises suitable to every patient, in order to allow them to take charge of their own health, as well as helping them along the way. 


Exmoor Osteopathy is run by two registered Osteopaths; Ed Stenner and Katarina Smith, whose goals are to bring friendly, professional musculoskeletal adivce and treatments to the local Exmoor area.


They currently provide osteopathy and sports massage treatments in Minehead.

Cranial Osteopathy
Sports Massage
Taping and Strapping
Western Medical Acupuncture

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The clinic will be temporarily closed until further notice

After much consideration, and in light of the rapidly increasing cases of coronavirus, it is with a heavy heart that we have decided to temporarily suspend treatments and face to face contact at the clinic. We have weighed up the risk vs benefit to patients, and with an unknown transmission to symptom time, it is apparent that no one knows that they have the virus until it is too late to contain it. We feel we have a duty of care to our patients, and the community, and that remaining open would be negligent. We will endeavour to advise as much as possible over the phone, and via email where appropriate.

Please be vigilant. This situation is likely to get a lot worse in the near future. Stronger isolation measures will start to come in. Sorry for any anxiety caused by this, but the situation is serious. We need to implement drastic social change in order to best combat the virus. Think about whether you need to go out or have contact with others and avoid it wherever possible.

We hope you understand our position and we look forward to returning to normality when the situation improves. Sending you all healthy, positive thoughts.

Ed & Kat, Exmoor Osteopathy

Tel: 07824168862

Email: exmoor.osteopathy@gmail.com

Exmoor Osteopathy 

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Phone: 07824168862

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Exmoor Osteopathy Ltd


Registered Office Address: 1 Parkhouse Road, Minehead, TA24 8AB